Why choose us?

With a growing number of companies offering outsources vetting solutions, it is reasonable to consider what separates us from the other companies on offer.  To name a few:



A primary issue concerning outsourcing is obviously cost.  We regularly monitor competitor rates to ensure that we offer the fairest rates for our service.  Whilst we are always happy to screen individual files, we reduce prices for larger quantities and are often able to offer the option to spread payments over a number of months to aid your business cashflow.

Completion Time

Our use of in house bespoke vetting software means that we are able to provide considerably faster turnaround times than those achieved in house or with other vetting companies.  This means that if you have staff you wish to deploy on site rapidly, we can provide preliminary screening within 24 hours, enabling you to have compliant staff on site fast.


Once deciding to use our services, you are provided with a single, dedicated account manager who will be nominated as your point of contact for all your vetting queries.  Regular updates will be provided along the way so at all times you can be informed about the progress of your staff screening.

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